Thursday, 28 May 2015

I Wore A Yellow Dress Today

Because you are bound to have a good day in such a happy colour. 

Not so today. 

Days like today are most important to practise gratitude. 

1. A wonderful, wonderful co-worker turning around (while driving home) after I rang him to come help me change my flat tire. 

2. An equally as wonderful co-worker seeing me at the side of the road and stopping to see if I was okay and jumping in to start changing my tire (he even got his pants dirty.)

3. My baby, who was delerious with joy to see me when I finally made it to daycare to get her. 

4. My students giving me hugs when they came in today and telling me that they missed me. 

5. A beautiful sunrise and the hint of a rainbow. 

It was a hard day... But I still have so much to be thankful for. Things do happen for a reason...  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Take A Photo, Mummy!

Today I am so grateful for those words. I worked from home today and managed to finish all my report cards!

So I bundled up walked to daycare to get Miss Two. As we walked home, she kept stopping to admire different things and saying, "Take a photo, Mummy!"

The first photo - of the clouds she thought were beautiful. 

A photo of the moon. She gets very excited when she sees the moon, especially in the daytime. 

"I love it, Mummy! I love the clouds!"

Thank you for reminding me to take my time and admire the moon and clouds, baby. I am so lucky to have you. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bursting To Share Our Success!

I make no secret of the fact that I love my job. I am very lucky to have fallen into the perfect career for me (and yes, I did fall into it... it was not that path I had planned.)

As with any job, there are a host of challenges that are inherent within it... But oh my goodness, it is ever rewarding, fulfilling and uplifting. Being a Montessori teacher (any kind of teacher, actually) can break your heart (for hundreds of different reasons) and it can also fill your heart. It can fill your heart to its capacity and beyond; so much so, that you think it is going to explode.

I had some amaaaaaaaaazing moments today, which I am SO grateful for. I just had to share them with you!

  • One of my intermediate mums came to thank me this morning for whatever I have been doing with her daughter/working with her on in her writing. She told me it's spilled over to her general attitude towards school and her work in general. She is excited and motivated to come to school and is happier. What a GREAT way to start the day!! (Thank you, Mum of student! You have no idea HOW much that meant to me!!) 
  • Today's reading group told me that they are really enjoyed the work I'm giving them to do after reading their book.
  • As a follow up activity to their reading, I asked them to create a timeline of events for what's happened so far in the story. I told them to do whatever they wanted or present it however they wanted. Then I went off for a couple of hours to plan their next unit. When I came in at lunchtime to do some marking, I was blown away with what they had done in the hour and a half I was gone. It was AMAZING. (They didn't have to go away and work on it then, they all chose to.) Almost all of them had used the previous lessons and learning to build upon to create these fantastic timelines!! Woot! Score one for me and explicit teaching of reading comprehension strategies! Check these out!
  • A child from another class asked me today (after a small explanation of what Montessori is) how he could "join Montessori." SO CUTE! 
It's all coming together!! (And it's our success, because it's just as much the children's success as it is mine.) 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Two Months Per Project

So, knitting has taken some time from my blogging (which is okay by me most of the time...) I'm averaging two months per finished object - not too bad in between working and mothering!

My projects over the past year have included the following - in no particular order...

Jaywalker socks - Made from delicious wool that a dear friend sent me for a sock wool swap. Made with Striped Turtle Toes by Turtle Purl Yarns. I love, love, love them!

Mitaines Rainbow - Made with a custom dyed set from Let Them Knit. Someone ordered the set to be dyed for them and never collected the order, so I snapped it up. I also love these!

My first shawl ever - Travelling Woman. Beautiful, squidgy wool from Great Gradients. So warm on cold days (like today!)

Christmas baubles, made for my students' Christmas presents last year. Made with scraps and leftovers of wool I had lying around.

Another gift of love - for a wee baby girl of a good friend. Monkey Pattern from Sarah Keen's Book.
My most recent project - a present for a dear friend's belated birthday present. Autumnal Mitts made with Skeinz merino.


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