Thursday, 24 July 2014

Finally Complete - The Letter "Z"

My lovely Phillipa reminded me that I hadn't finished my alphabet yet, and I asked on Facebook ages ago for suggestions of what I could do for the letter "Z."

The suggestions included: zoos, zebras, Zahrina, 'za and zzzzzzzzzzz's...

The winner is: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Yes... that sweet, sweet sound of sleep. Since becoming a mum, I have realised why sleep deprivation is used as a torture device. I love my baby more than I ever could have believed possible, but the lack of sleep is brutal. Every once in a while, she sleeps through the night, and I do a little happy dance in the morning.

Sometimes, I even get a mid-day nap... and it is sweeeeeeeeeet.

So there we have it. I am grateful for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's... (uninterrupted ones, please!)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Beauty can be found in the ugliest of places... roses have bloomed all through our compost heap and by the bin. It made me so happy.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Flowers and Weeds

I read a wonderful blog post today - while it was aimed at parents, it had a relevant message for any audience (I highly recommend reading it. Just lovely).  It's best summed up by the last paragraph.

"By making it a daily practice to notice all that is good in your life, the joy in your heart has the tendency to overflow. And when it does, you are able to funnel that excess love and happiness straight into the hearts of those you most want to see smile."

I used to do that. I used to actively practise gratitude (as per this blog), but somewhere along the way it fell by the by.  It somehow got pushed into the "Too Much Effort" basket it got covered with washing that needed to be done/folded/put away. (Blogging also sometimes falls under that pile of washing too - my problem is that I take too long to write/edit/reread my posts.  I must stop being so pedantic. I digress. I do that too much too).

It's not really that much effort (the gratitude AND the blogging).

So here goes today's effort:

Baby girl's woken up three times tonight to be resettled (weeds), but I didn't put her to bed so I got to do the last resettle and got lovely kisses and cuddles and a sigh of contentment when I went up (flowers).

I had to do the grocery shopping tonight (weeds), but enjoyed a little bit of quiet time to myself (flowers).

What were your flowers and weeds today?

(Just as an aside, I have to post this ridiculously cute video of this baby. Got me a touch teary and had me singing to baby girl all day. So much love!)

I have *just* noticed that I've lost all my blog pictures when I moved my account over to gmail (weeds), but that gives me a chance to look through old pictures I enjoy when I get a chance (flowers). (I admit it, that one's a stretch.)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Post Baby Body Promise

I'm going through a post-baby body issue. From talking to my friends and reading bits and bobs online, this is totally normal. It's nothing new. But it's new to me, so bear with me, please... (but really, if you can't laugh about it, as per the comic above... all is lost!)

I've never been thin as an adult/teenager. Ever. I've always had body issues, and I can openly admit that. (Although, like many others, I'd love to have my 17 year old body back. Cliched or not, I didn't realise how good I had it!) I know it's not realistic to expect my pre-baby body back right away (even 9 months on, I'm no where close to it.)

So today, I was busy feeling sorry for myself for gaining all the weight I lost before getting pregnant. Then I looked up and I saw my girl staring at me from her perch on Phill's knee, and she broke into one of her gorgeous, gummy smiles.

And what I saw was love. So much love. So much acceptance. Acceptance of me, just the way I am. My many wobbly bits, unkempt hair, and the crooked scar that now runs across the base of my belly. The belly that carried, protected, sheltered and nurtured her for 38 weeks. The belly that she cuddles into and squishes when she's sleepy. My arms, that I bemoan for losing their definition, she sees as safety - a home that will always be there for her, to enfold and cuddle her when she needs it. She doesn't see the dark circles under my eyes, or the skin that is less than radiant. She sees that she makes my heart smile - a smile that reaches my eyes and makes them twinkle. My baby girl sees my value more clearly than I do.

I have now made a promise to love myself as much as Phillip and Akina love me. 

I'm so very blessed.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say... Then I Had A Baby


While chattering inanely to my daughter today, I heard some of the strange things I now say (on a regular basis)...

In no particular order, at some point I have said (more than likely many times):
  • Under no circumstances are you to put your fingers in my nose.
  • Here, gnaw on my finger dear.
  • Please hold still while I pick your nose.
  • Did you enjoy sucking on my chin?
  • Meh, it's only a bit of spew - it'll dry and you won't really be able to see it.
  • Please, please, please poop.
  • I need more tutus.
  • You know, pureed pumpkin, carrot and beef actually doesn't taste too bad.
  • I had heaps of sleep last night - 5 hours in a row!
  • I wonder how easily I can expose my breast in this top...
How life changes.


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